5 questions to ask before you share

Some brands try to post content to all social media platforms without understanding the different audiences, expectations and effectiveness of each. So, before you sign up to the latest platform and press ‘post’, ask yourself these 5 questions:
Simplicity is the key

  1. Are my customers here?
  2. Will they listen?
  3. Will they share what I post with people who could become customers?
  4. How much extra time will it take to post here?
  5. What is the most engaging type of content to post? (not the same across platforms)

If you can answer all of those questions then you can make a decision. And it’s perfectly ok to say no.

The wisdom of 80/20

The 80/20 rule is one of the most well-known theories of management and marketing.

20% of your customers, messages, employees or time give you 80% of sales, conversions and output.

It’s ironic that this is one of the rules we get wrong so often.

Why? We chase our losses. It’s a common reason for problem gambling where we fail to recognise what’s causing us so much damage.

Every time you ignore the evidence that your social media marketing is draining your time, or that your sales mainly come from a demographic you don’t particularly like, you chase your losses.

Refusing to accept where your 20% is and cutting out the ineffective 80% is a quick road to disappointment.

Let’s be more honest with ourselves and make sure our efforts are spend in the most valuable places.

3 reasons Apple don’t need social media.


  1. Their customers spread the word for them. Not only are there multiple forums dedicated to analysing every word uttered by Apple representatives, people camp out for days to get their hands on the latest release.
  2. Apple’s keynote presentations, media statements, updates and, most importantly, buzz about new products is all the content they need. Every rumour, leaked or authentic, is published by thousands of news sites. When Apple sneezes, or just loses an iphone prototype in a bar, the world goes nuts.
  3. Their service is quality. Many brands use their social channels to respond to feedback and support questions. Apple are great at doing this in store and in the user-supported online communities.

Image CC Martin Abegglen