My Work

I’ve been extremely fortunate to work with some incredible mentors and teams in my career thus far.

Here are some highlights of the work I’ve delivered:

Head of Marketing for fast growing SaaS, Easy Agile. Building agile apps for Jira including solutions for User Story Mapping, Roadmaps, Personas and Programs.

Easy Agile listed on the Australian Financial Review’s Fast 100 list as one of the fastest growing companies in Australia with CAGR FY19-21 of 44.4%.

2,000+ customers in 50+ countries including Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft, J.P. Morgan, Twitter, Boeing & NASA.

I head up the Marketing team where we are responsible for Growth, Partnerships, Product Marketing, Customer Success and Brand.

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Leading the global marketing team responsible for the website, Conversion Rate Optimisation, design, SEO and content.

– Grew blog traffic & conversions by 100% in 12 months
– Conversion rate up 40% on key landing pages
– Scaled content strategy to achieve new page 1 google rankings
– Implemented experimentation framework using Optimizely and Google Optimize
– Reduced reliance on paid search

Travel Money Card Launch


This project allowed me to coordinate the digital launch of the new Travel Money Card product for St.George and Westpac.

I developed the go to market plan and advised on branding and marketing strategy. The product was well received by the market and exceeded expectations, generating over $10M revenue per year. Our SEO strategy led to both brands ranking on page 1 of Google.


Calculators and tools SEO strategy

A big driver for organic traffic in the Home Lending space is calculators and tools. With some calculator keywords receiving over 100,000 monthly google searches, we undertook a plan to revitalise our calculators to make them more accessible, responsive and informative.

The new calculators were built internally and my go to market plan ensured that customers could easily find and use the tool to get an idea of their borrowing power, upfront costs and loan repayments. The project was so successful that we received 3x more funding to continue the calculator strategy.

home loan calculator


At Westpac, I worked with our SEO agency and SEO managers to identify high-impact changes that could be made to the site to improve rankings. Publishing new content that was targeted to high-volume, low-competition keywords generated a 25% uplift in traffic.



New Home Loan Application Experience

At Westpac, I led a project to deliver a new online Home Loan application experience for St.George, BankSA and Bank of Melbourne customers.

As the ‘Product Owner’, the project was challenging in almost every way. Budget, timeline, experience & resources were all limiting factors.

After 6 months of breaking down these challenges, we pushed out the final product to customers.

Customers could now apply for a home loan on any device and receive approval within 10 minutes. The results were outstanding.

Applications went up 30% and more people who started were getting to the end. Feedback from customers was great – they enjoyed being able to do everything online in their own time.

home loan application

Data analytics and visualisation

I was chosen as a Tableau ‘superuser’ during my time in the Digital team at Westpac. Tableau is the industry leading data foundation and visualisation tool. These skills enable me to draw unique insights from data and produce real-time reporting dashboards for the executive.

Web analytics is a key factor in how to prioritise website optimisation initiatives. I have a great working knowledge of Adobe Analytics and can use the platform to analyse user behaviour, customer journeys and areas for improvement.



SEO and content strategy – UOW

In my role as a Marketing and Communications Officer at the University of Wollongong, my team managed key student experience events and communication channels. We grew our social media presence by 30% in 12 months; focusing on publishing student-generated content via video, blogs and social channels.

This content supported high-profile events that I helped promote and coordinate, such as graduation, enrolment, orientation and student recruitment days.


Marketview Hotel (UOW)

Developed branding and marketing strategy for the launch of Marketview Hotel, Wollongong. The launch received widespread media coverage (WIN News, Illawarra Mercury) and achieved full occupancy for the opening season.


Copywriting and content marketing

In 2016 I started a side hustle as a freelance copywriter and content manager. I’ve since worked with over 30 clients writing blogs, sales letters, landing pages, social media campaigns, press releases and articles.

Some of my clients:

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