About 15 years ago I started reading Seth’s Blog, and haven’t stopped.

Seth inspired me to seek a career in marketing and start this blog.

I’ve spent the last ten years deep in the world of Marketing, CRO, Digital and Content.

I’ve built new products and ran over 100 experiments for banks and financial services companies. I’ve created content for fast growing start-ups and I love figuring out how people think and act.

I’ve gone behind the scenes within universities and multi-billion dollar businesses.

For me, Marketing isn’t about selling stuff. It’s about changing the way we think. Spreading ideas and making life better.

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to work with some brilliant people so far in my career.

These people inspire many of the thoughts on this blog.

I’m currently Head of Marketing at Easy Agile. In this role I have the privilege to work with some amazingly talented people. See the Easy Agile blog for more on this.

Together, we launch new products and experiences that help make our customers lives easier.

Thanks for reading.

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