The way we work

The death of the cubicle is not far away. The way we work is still designed around an industrialised model – each cubicle in an office is for one worker doing one job.

That job is done as efficiently as possible, until 5pm, when everyone switches off and walks home.

It’s no different to a factory. Each machine does one job in one space. At the end of the day it stops – until tomorrow.

The problem is the world has moved on but we haven’t. Tablets, laptops and wireless internet mean access is no longer a barrier to exploration. Why would a salesman need a desk when they all they need is in their car or on their phone?

Why should we start at 9am and stop at 5pm when the rest of the world keeps on working 24/7?

We’ve reached a point where it’s no longer efficient to stay put and keep a timesheet. Global networks mean we can be flexible, compete and create anywhere, anytime and any way we want.

Challenge the norm and break the rules. Work the way that works best for you, because it’s the only way we can stay ahead of the game.