An astounding lie

The time spent with my Dad watching the Tour de France are some of the most memorable of my childhood.

One of the best things about the race is that it is like an epic film, with twists and turns at every corner.

The gruelling peaks of the Pyrenees contrast spectacularly with the intense sprints and daredevil descents.

I would replicate the race in the street where I grew up, racing my brother on the road for hours on end.

One of the riders we most admired was 7 time champion and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong.

Many suspected he had cheated, but today he confessed that he indeed was, from the very beginning, using drugs to enhance his performance.

For many years Armstrong has waged a war against drug agencies, media inquiries, interviews and confessions.

From a communications perspective, it was an astounding lie. Up until a few months ago, most people were still convinced he was innocent.

Armstrong deceived the sporting world. His vehement denial and consistently strong public performances perpetuated a complex deception.

The day has come for full disclosure and the relief must be immense. His advisers and lawyers have lost an impossible battle.

The Livestrong foundation does wonderful work, but they will be forever tainted by their founder.

People were hurt by the lie. Kids like me dreamed that his victories were due to hard work and perseverance. Cancer sufferers dreamed that they too could beat the horrible disease.

I, for one, hope that this isn’t the end for Lance. While it is a deep valley, I hope his work with Livestrong will prosper and people will still dream that one day they can reach the peak.


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