Customer First

In 2003 Amazon noticed that some of their customers forgot what they had ordered.

Without realising, customers were accidentally ordering the same product a second time.

There weren’t many complaints, but for Amazon, this wasn’t good enough.

Amazon are obsessed with the customer experience and wanted to fix it.

In 2003, Amazon introduced ‘Instant Order Update’, a simple notification banner that would alert customers when they had already purchased something.

This feature cost Amazon money and sales dropped, because customers didn’t buy as much by mistake.

Amazon doesn’t win design awards for the prettiest website.

Instead, they focus on being genuinely helpful.

They prioritise long term customer relationships over short term revenue.

They prioritise what’s right for the customer rather than turning a blind eye.

They prioritise the experience over the latest design trends.

This feature is not the reason Amazon is a successful company.

However, the decision to prioritise features like this reflects the attitude that has made Amazon successful.

Customer first.

Do we have the guts to do the right thing, obsessing over customer problems – even if it costs us time and might even cost us money?

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