Trending in Marketing #12

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Time Anxiety

According to Anne-Laure Le Cunff, time anxiety is the fear of wasting your time.

Wasted time leads to a wasted potential. Wasted potential is a wasted opportunity to make an impact.

How can you combat time anxiety?

  • define your mission
  • focused prioritisation
  • defend your time ruthlessly
  • get 1% better every day

Read more about Time Anxiety.



“If it’s easy it isn’t worth doing. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

-Nick Huber

“Product Market Fit isn’t a thing. I’m not even sure it’s a useful concept for startups.”

-April Dunford (source)



What are the hard things you’ve been putting off?

There are pieces missing that would make you a better marketer.

How are you going to tackle those this year? How will you resist the distractions?

Your potential is too valuable to waste.

This is Marketing.



P.S. Optimise or Build

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