Share your mind

Share your mind

For years many people have raved about the benefits of keeping a diary.

Thanks to great tools like WordPress, Twitter and Evernote, recording ideas and thoughts has never been easier.

For me, regularly forcing myself to write posts for this blog helps me think through issues I’d otherwise never consider.

Writing helps me define who I am professionally. It helps my mind clearly define my opinions and make decisions.

It’s therapeutic.  The fact that your words, tweets and photos will be archived forever shouldn’t scare us. It should excite us.

In history only the rich or the famous had access to audiences who appreciated their work. Now everyone has an audience online.

What are you going to share? It doesn’t have to be a blog. It could be a photo a week. An interview of someone you admire. Your music. Your sketch. We just want to see what you can create.

Sharing makes us tick. It keeps us connected and helps us process the never ending flow of information.

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