The Chromecast ad and 2 reasons why it’s almost perfect.

We’re used to advertising that’s full of stereotypes, poor humour and irrelevant imagery.

This one’s different and there’s 2 reasons why it works so well:

  1. It let’s you experience the product. Most ads tell you why you should buy the product. They try and convince you that the price and benefits are worth the effort of making a purchase. This ad gives a glimpse into what it feels like to use the product. It feels great to be with friends and family watching the content we love on the big screen. It feels like we’re there and this product will make those good times even better.
  2. There’s only one message. This isn’t a magic trick or a slight of hand. It’s a very simple product that you plug into your tv and it plays content you love. It’s easy and so is the ad.

The biggest thing to take away from this ad is that simplicity works and we should always focus on how the product makes you feel.

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