Tools of the trade: finding your expertise


Study engineering, be an engineer forever. Right?

Not anymore. Your expertise now depends on how quickly you can learn new skills, not necessarily how well you can perform skills that are no longer relevant.

Need to know how to make videos? You can learn in a few days online by studying great videos and working how they did it.

Need to learn how to develop a website? You can learn that online too, now, for free.

A language? Learn Spanish on your phone while commuting to work.

Defining yourself as a master of X is dangerous. Not because you won’t get hired or that you aren’t good at it, it’s because in the new economy we need you to be able to change.

To be invincible in our workplaces we need to be flexible, doing things that are needed now, not last month.

“I don’t do that” is a phrase of the past.

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Photo: Trizek