Refresh your thinking


To get the latest news online we press the refresh button. As the screen momentarily turns blank our brain has the opportunity to breath.

We reassess the need for the latest information and possibly choose a new destination based on deeper passions and desires.


“Our frantic days are really just a hedge against emptiness.” –┬áTim Kreider

What about the other areas of our life?

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Too busy

Too busy

“I work long hours.”

“I’m so busy, you know how it is.”

It can mean 2 things.

They’re a hard worker. Their proud of their work and they need to put in extra time to achieve the quality they set for themselves.

They’re inefficient and easily distracted by various inboxes and impulse tasks. In an attempt to hide it, they work longer, hoping that by doing more people won’t notice they’re achieving less.

Too often I’m the latter. Which one are you?

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