In the wild, natural selection dictates that only the fittest and strongest survive.

In sport, the fastest, most agile athletes become legends for generations.

In life, it’s not the loudest, biggest or oldest who succeed.

It’s the graceful, the brave and the kind who are never forgotten.

It only takes one.

When it comes to that decisive moment – when what you are about to do changes things for the better – many are too scared to press ‘go’.

There’s a voice that lives inside that cares more about opinion, rumour, reputation and laughter than doing great work. Ignore it. Ignore it now.

If you respond to a crisis, you don’t wait. Pretend your facebook page is being inundated with unhappy customers. Can you afford to wait? To ignore the viral dissent? Of course not.

Silence is deadly. And silence is akin to a crisis in the world of communication.

So say something, make something, change something or do something that someone will appreciate.

The one (it only takes one) who responds with ‘thank you’, will be worth more than the hundreds who say ‘you should’ve waited‘.